Fill one-line puzzle game Examine App

Excellent boredom resolver

I loved this game and wish there were more levels. The first about 2000 levels were quick to figure out the rest took me around 1-3 minutes to figure. I seriously hope more levels are to come...


Great game! 😃

They use the same levels over and over

I played this and after 50 levels in it got easier and easier not because of simplicity but because I’ve been playing the same 10 levels repeatedly


Game is okay, but the adds are constant. The bigger level is 100 puzzles, but I must have had 20-25 ADDS during that time.

yas queen

fun hehehe

This game is awesome !!!

This game is awesome and super fun to play highly recommend it!

Same thing

Basically after you pass a few levels they just keep recycling the same ones over and over.


An ad plays after every single puzzle. Seriously at least let me do a few before having an ad.


Good gang. Lots of ads.

Fill one-line puzzle game

I have enjoyed playing this the game w/o the noise or music and it much nicer. I play it at the drs office or just waiting at places where I’m bored. I haven’t found it boring as yet and I don’t think I will . Oh just plz stop asking me for any more reviews, Thk you

Great Game


Fix this

I am addicted to this game but whenever I watch a video to get the hint it doesn’t give it to me I hate help that is and someone needs to fix it now I will delete this app because of this it’s really fun game but that accident really gets on my nerves and I’m so annoyed with it. FIX IT NOW

Club penguin trained me for this

And it’s not what I expected

A problem

It's so frustrating that when you get to the last square suddenly everything disappears, doesn't give the sense of accomplishment.

Way too many video ads after nearly every puzzle.

You spend more time watching ads than playing.

Good concept, poorly designed app

The game itself is a good concept. Gameplay for the most part is fun and addicting...which is where the problem of this app comes in. It might just be me but I did not find this game enjoyable until level 5 when I finally didn’t just pick the first line that popped in my head and passed every single level, and even then it was only 1 out of every 5 stages that I actually had to think about. And once again on top of that the ad presence in this app is ridiculous. Like I said I was flying through these levels so for me every 30 seconds I had to sit through an ad. So 50% of my time in this game was just watching ads. Tldr: fun game but too many ads and the game is way too easy.

Fun but too many ADS

Time waster app but way too many ads

Too many ads!

Annoying. Deleting


Like game,but when I watch video for hints they never appear.


Would be perfect, except I wish you could make notes in other squares! If this would be changed i would give 5 stars. When you are solving larger puzzles on any other similar puzzle game, you can make marks in the other squares. This game does not do that. You must draw one continuous line 🤔

This Game is Better than the Best

This game is so addicting and it actually makes me feel better when I’m sad. It also makes me feel smarter. I love this game

It’s a spam but still fun

It spams you every chance it gets win u try to get more hint it shows u the the add and it’s not worth try i got lucky a few times but the game makes you feel smart and it’s a fun challenge

Update uses cell data even though cell data is disabled.

The latest update to this app bypasses the users selection for using cellular data. I have cellular data turned off for this app. However, it ignores the request and runs up my cellular data usage anyways to spool advertisements. Therefore I deleted the app. No game is good enough to allow this sort of deceitful behavior.

Love this game

This game is so relaxing and really helps your brain. The music to it is also nice and they designed it well. You can also get free hints instead of being mad with no hints and you exit out of the game. So that is why I give this game 5 stars

Mrs mind games

Really fun to play and will get your brain working!!


At first it was one every 3 levels. But before level 15 I’m getting an ad between every single level. Can’t even enjoy the game

Way too many adds

The game seemed fun but after going through 10ish levels I had already watched 3 adds! That’s way too many so I deleted the app.



Forces you to play ad games before you can continue

I understand making me watch an ad for 10 seconds but forcing me to play with the ad is obnoxious. I just want to play the game knock it off.

Good but not good enough

It’s a good brain thinking challenge of a game but the challenges aren’t very hard and there are to many ads.

Good game

Heavy amount of ads though.

Great Game

The genius who had this game idea should be proud of himself. Although it’s a great game it’s a little time consuming but that’s probably because it is really addictive. Bottom line amazing game.


It’s fun and a great time killer

The best game ever

I love this game it is the best there are 2000 levels which is awesome but there are ads which take up a lot of time but I just put air plane mode which gets rid of them


this game is so fun and very challenging but not in the way that gets you angry lol

I don't know.

It's a great game and all, but if you get really addicted... that's the problem. I got so addicted that I finished the game. So maybe you can add Daily Challenges or something like that? Just a suggestion. Anyways, great game.

Too many ads

Fun and addictive but too many ads made delete the app

it was good at first

i enjoyed the first 100 levels but as other reviewers had said the levels repeat themselves all the time. i don't remember what the music sounds like because i muted the game but it sure as hell doesn't mute the ads. some of the ads don't even have the option to mute them. most ads will pause your music if you're playing it which really annoys me but i'm not sure if that's worse than when the ads play on top of them. i want to finish this game so i have the satisfaction of finishing it not because i enjoy it.

Absolutely amazing

Very fun game! Can’t stop playing it!


This game is really addictive and forces you to want more.

Great game that needs more

I love this game! Time waster and easy to play! The only thing that I wish this game had was another aspect of it. Like maybe you could earn something if you complete a certain amount of levels. And then if you earned a certain amount, you could get something, like a background color or something. Thx!

Way too many ads

Nuff said.

Engaging and fun level after level

This is a great puzzle game with hundreds of levels to keep you entertained for a long time. It can get a little repetitive without any change in game mechanics, but is great for a simple game to pass the time. It gives you a lot of freedom in terms of what order to complete the puzzles, so you can skip ahead and go back if you want. My favorite part is they don’t ask for your money. There are occasional ads but they aren’t intrusive like in other games. The maximum you can pay for this game is $8 (two $4 chapters you can buy) but you can play these chapters anyway if you just complete the rest of the levels. Altogether, great, reasonable game.

Relaxing and calm

This is rather quite calming and distracting. I found out about this game because of playing other ones, I kept getting the ad so many times that I just downloaded it. It is pretty fun and can get challenging.

Ads? What ads?

For whatever reason, the app displays no ads on my device. I didn’t pay anything to get rid of them, and my device’s internet is working fine. Am I complaining? Absolutely not! Now, the app itself is a lot of fun. It’s simple and somewhat unique. It never crashes for me, and I haven’t experienced any bugs. That’s enough for five stars. The app could use some improvement with making the gameplay slightly less choppy, but that’s a very minor complaint. Great job, developers!




Just reviewing for expert honesty 😂

Best app ever

I can not stop playing this game.


Very repetitive and too many ads. I find it oddly calmng but the ads takes that away since they are much too often and the same ones over and over.

Jamaury Mckenzie August 1 2007

I like the but quite easy to fill in the spaces but what u don’t like about the game is the advertisements they are irrelevant I not downloading the games there are advertising

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