Fill one-line puzzle game Examine App

Relentless Ads

The game is okay but the amount of ads is utterly ridiculous. And no, I will NOT nor will I ever pay to stop the ads. I will do what I always do: rate an app poorly and then quit it pretty quickly. They know they’re shoving these ads down our throats. I’ll just choose to not come back while at the same time let everyone know about their absurd amount of ads. Buh Bye

Fun but too easy

This game was challenging at first but then I flew through the first 100 levels and realized the next bunch weren’t any more difficult at all. Now I’m up to the Professional level and it’s still only slightly challenging. The game needs to add more ways to challenge— like much larger maps, a timer (stars for faster times) etc. The way it is now, I can fly through each one in a few seconds. Too bad I paid $2.99 to remove the ads.

Scary and inappropriate ads for a 4+ app! Do something pls!

For the love of God, this App is for 4+ and you have ads that scare the life out of my children. Take that ad and the other age inappropriate ads out of an app that is approved for 4+ and bring it to another older demographic app you have.

Too many ads

Fun game, but way too many ads. Every 5 mins a 30 second ad? Don’t be so greedy.

Zero challenge

I liked the idea of the game. But this is so easy I can do it in my sleep. There’s not one level that gave me a challenge. Deleting this app simply because it’s too easy. Every single level I was able to complete in under 20 seconds or less...

Night mode (dark background)

Please enable dark background. It would be much glare-y to look at the screen. Especially light grey on white background is a bit difficult to see all grey squares.

Easy and hard

Fill is an amazing game that requires hard work. It is very addictive. I found this game by advertisement. As soon as I saw it, I rushed to the App Store. It was fun and relaxing filling in strokes. All of that is incredible, but now for the bad things. The first thing is the music. I absolutely hate it. Secondly, the hints. I was stuck on a difficult level,and I had used all of my hints. The fact being that I don’t spend money on social media games proves my point. I pressed the ad button to get hints and it didn’t work. There are two buttons,and I pressed both of them. It never worked and I’m still stuck on that hard level. Other than those two things, Fill is an amazing game. I finally like how it suggests games.

Needs a night mode

I really like the game, but it needs a dark/night mode.

Toooooo many ads

Can’t get through one level without an ad or two ... makes it way less enjoyable ☹️

Typically a good game, but substantial bug in this version

I usually like playing this game, but I cannot make it past a level without an ad popping up on my screen. When I click the “x” icon on the ad, it briefly goes back to the game and then the app crashes. It continues to do this. I understand that you have to make your money somehow, and ads are the best way to do it, but when it interferes with the user’s ability to use the app that you developed, that’s an issue.

It’s boring to play

Too much repetition

Demanding Ads

This game is great and fun to play except for the ads. To be honest, I don’t mind ads until you’re forced to play them and isn’t given the exit out option. I’ve been experiencing that a lot with the Final Fantasy game ad and I would have to close the Fill app and open it again just to exit out of the Final Fantasy ad.


This game is amazing (I swear I’m not paid) I can’t stop playing it. I deleted it because I beat all of the levels and downloaded it again cause I love it so much.

Good game, lots of ads

This is a great game. There are many fun, challenging levels that you can complete. I know the owners need to make some money off this game, but seriously, every 2-3 levels I get a new ad and it makes me really mad.

Recently crashing

Everything was cool but now the app crashes a few seconds after loading. Please fix.

Add More Levels

This game is great. I have played every one and I’m kinda sad now

Good concept, way to easy

Paid to get the ads removed and it made the game more enjoyable. But as I started to go up levels it's didn't get harder. It just seemed to repeat the same levels but rotate them. Way to easy,wish it was more challenging. I'm almost done with the game and I haven't used a clue token.

Ads ads ads

This is not really a game. It’s advertisements with little teasers in between. So dumb. And the “game” is not challenging at all.

Isn’t as much a game as it is a billboard. ADDS

It’s not just adds. The creators are just plain bullies. Forcing adds after virtually every action. Complete a level 2 adds. Some you can’t get out of others have a timer ticking down from 30. The game itself is fun and modestly challenging but clearly their goal is to “force” you to pay up to play. I understand all free games have adds but not anything like this. I like the game but I won’t pay for this game because of the adds. I won’t pay for this game on general principle.

Ads, ads, ads

Great concept however the number of ads make its not worth it. I understand the game is free. Ads after every few levels BUT this game has 2-3 longggggg ads after each level. I uninstalled after a few days.

too many ads.

i opened it for the first time, played two extremely easy levels and then got shown an ad that was thirty seconds, with like a secondary ad that was another 30, and then a THIRD. a minute and a half wasted from playing two seconds of game.

love it!

finished playing all levels, & i just absolutely love it! hoping for more levels to come by

Reign in on the ads please

Good game but when ads unexpectedly play loud music even when the sound on the phone is turned off, then off it goes!

Double ads

I can handle the occasional ad and sometimes I can handle an ad after every level if it’s a really well developed game but this is too much. Having two 15-30 second ads after every level is ridiculous on any game but especially for a game with such quick and easy gameplay! 75% of my time playing this game has been waiting for ads to finish, would you watch tv where 75% of it is commercials? I wouldn’t. This game isn’t worth playing since it’s not very complex gameplay, not particularly beautiful, and has an unacceptable amount of ads.

Too many ads!!

Way too many ads and they are far too long. What a waste for a decent game.

Deserves 0 stars

Every freaking minute a ad pops up and when you try to close it out the whole game shuts off! Terrible game

Ad overload

Wouldn’t know much about the game. Didnt get too far kept getting bombarded with ads so I just deleted the game. Sorry not going to watch an ad and just as I’m about to start playing a new game another ad pops up.

Way too many ads

I understand needing to have ads to keep it free and I don’t mind the occasional ad but 4 ADS PER LEVEL is just plain obnoxious. I deleted the app after level 6.



Doubling up on the ads is ridiculous

I really enjoy this game. However, after the recent update, I often get two ads back to back – with no way to “X” out of the second one. As much as I like playing, this feature has made me go elsewhere today. (And no, I’m not interested in paying for no ads.)

Good but glitches and way too many ads

This game is very fun and challenging, but once you get to level 35 it won’t let you play anymore every time you click on the thing to start filling it glitches out of the game! Also WAY TOO MANY ADS!!!! Oh my gosh there are so many ads!!

Political Ads

This is a fun game that allows the mind to engage for short periods of time. When the Planned Parenthood ads started showing up between games it was time to delete the app Ads are annoying to begin with, but this is no place for politics.

Fun game, waaaay too many ads

I end up quitting this game a few minutes in because of ad after ad popping up. Very annoying.

Absurdly long ads

3 stars for the game, although really too simple. Minus 2 stars for over-the-top ads. One 30 sec ad is about the limit, but after it’s over you have to watch ANOTHER!!! The ads are also too frequent. You spend MORE time waiting than playing!!!

WAY too many ads

Played three levels and had four app ads to wait thru to get to the next level. Then I only got to play one more level until a 30 second app ad came up. Done with this junk app. Uninstalled.

Very fun

Very good game very challenging but when ever I try to open it again it keeps crashing and won’t open.


It is fun but feels like I’m snake’n a turn through a colon, especially when it’s the brown tileset.

Advertising haven

The amount of advertisements in this game is too dang high . I get it. Ads are needed. I’m not opposed to them being used properly. I found the game via an ad actually. But geeez you spend much more time being careful not to a accidentally open the App Store then you do trying to finish the line. So it’s more like a “find the x to close the app” game with occasional breaks to complete a maze.

Great game

Love love love this game. Doesn’t get annoying, doesn’t take too much energy, doesn’t take too much time to play. Need more levels please!!

Needs more levels!

Not enough, the first few hundred stages are so easy, there needs to be more


I just finished the game and it took me a couple of months but now I neeeeeeed more levels plz update it or make a daily puzzle or make user-made puzzles or something please!!!


I can’t even play the game with so many ads popping up every 10 seconds!! Had to delete the game!!!

Oh boy I must have a high IQ

This game is easy boring and repetitive and the adds are terrible for it like “low IQ(being stupid in a simple answer)” “ high IQ (does it right the first time) do you have a high IQ?”

Too many ads

Ads videos pop almost after every level you complete.

Too Easy, Too Many Ads

Others have already said enough.

Large problen

When I watch the ad to get a free hint it doesn't reward it

Won’t give you clues

I ran out of clues and watched a video to get another clue and it doesn’t give you one. I’m not buying anything so if you’re not going to give me the clues promised by watching the adds, I will just delete it. 😡

Where are my hints

Where are my hints after i see an ad


Ok so the ads don’t work anymore

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