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Political Ads

This is a fun game that allows the mind to engage for short periods of time. When the Planned Parenthood ads started showing up between games it was time to delete the app Ads are annoying to begin with, but this is no place for politics.

Fun game, waaaay too many ads

I end up quitting this game a few minutes in because of ad after ad popping up. Very annoying.

Absurdly long ads

3 stars for the game, although really too simple. Minus 2 stars for over-the-top ads. One 30 sec ad is about the limit, but after it’s over you have to watch ANOTHER!!! The ads are also too frequent. You spend MORE time waiting than playing!!!

WAY too many ads

Played three levels and had four app ads to wait thru to get to the next level. Then I only got to play one more level until a 30 second app ad came up. Done with this junk app. Uninstalled.

Very fun

Very good game very challenging but when ever I try to open it again it keeps crashing and won’t open.


It is fun but feels like I’m snake’n a turn through a colon, especially when it’s the brown tileset.

Advertising haven

The amount of advertisements in this game is too dang high . I get it. Ads are needed. I’m not opposed to them being used properly. I found the game via an ad actually. But geeez you spend much more time being careful not to a accidentally open the App Store then you do trying to finish the line. So it’s more like a “find the x to close the app” game with occasional breaks to complete a maze.

Great game

Love love love this game. Doesn’t get annoying, doesn’t take too much energy, doesn’t take too much time to play. Need more levels please!!

Needs more levels!

Not enough, the first few hundred stages are so easy, there needs to be more


I just finished the game and it took me a couple of months but now I neeeeeeed more levels plz update it or make a daily puzzle or make user-made puzzles or something please!!!


I can’t even play the game with so many ads popping up every 10 seconds!! Had to delete the game!!!

Oh boy I must have a high IQ

This game is easy boring and repetitive and the adds are terrible for it like “low IQ(being stupid in a simple answer)” “ high IQ (does it right the first time) do you have a high IQ?”

Too many ads

Ads videos pop almost after every level you complete.

Too Easy, Too Many Ads

Others have already said enough.

Large problen

When I watch the ad to get a free hint it doesn't reward it

Won’t give you clues

I ran out of clues and watched a video to get another clue and it doesn’t give you one. I’m not buying anything so if you’re not going to give me the clues promised by watching the adds, I will just delete it. 😡

Where are my hints

Where are my hints after i see an ad


Ok so the ads don’t work anymore

Low IQ? Get this game to improve?

In all honesty any first grader should be able to do this.

Fun game, way too many ads

Fun game, but the frequency of ads makes the game not worth it. Annoying as all get out. For every 15 seconds of play, you have to wait through 30-60 seconds of ads that are constantly trying to redirect you to download a different game.


100% addictive.

Just a suggestion

Could you possibly add a night mode? Because the white screen hurts my eyes when I play this at night to clam down >.< Thank you! Other than that, the game is really fun and challenging c:


Great game but WAY too many ads. DELETE


Repeating levels. Pretty sure just another game that tries to get you to pay $2.99 to get rid of ads for 1/5 the advertised content. I’ve gone through hundreds of levels and I’ve seen the exact same puzzles on beginner as I have on other difficulties. Was fun for a while I suppose.

Won’t give me the hints I watched an ad for 😤😡

So ever time I clicked the “watch an ad to get a hint” it didn’t work so I wasted my time watching an annoying ad for nothing. But other wise it’s cool.👍🏼

This is great!!

I love the challenge to this game, it’s addicting and fun! There is the right amount of adds, but I’m still confused to why people are having a hard time with them, I get an add every 5 games. It’s fine to me because I get great advertisements! I found several great games off of the adds, lol back to this game in general... whoever made this game did an awesome job. Thank you!


The game is fun, but the "watch this video for a hint" doesn't even work. Out of all the times I've tried it, it's only worked once. Really disappointing.


Lots of ads. Lots of them.


Couldn’t even enjoy the game because the ads and ad lengths are ridiculous. I don’t mind paying for apps but I couldn’t even enjoy it enough to see if I wanted to buy it because the ads are extremely frequent and really annoying.


Good game, but with ads that are annoying sometimes. Simple fix is to just disconnect from your WiFi when playing

Really fun game!

Also this game does not need wifi so it is so much fun!


Good games but it’s way too easy takes me less than 15 Sec to solve and I’m playing on the hardest level


It’s simple yet challenging enough to be addicting...BUT! There’s just wayyyyyyyy too many ads! Gets really frustrating...this keeps up...might as well just delete the’s like 65% game and 45% ads!

Ridiculous “update”

Why did u take away the hints? In the harder levels I needed a hint to get me going in the right direction but now I CAN NOT EVEN WATCH AN AD VIDEO TO GET A HINT!! That is SO STUPID & RIDICULOUS!! I wouldn’t have even given it 1 star but I couldn’t have written anything if I didn’t.

Way way too many pop up ads!

Game is fun enough but literally you can only complete 2-3 boards before an ad comes up and not only that, but the ads come up TWICE. So you have wait then delete the ad and then do it again. So annoying it makes the app unplayable. Stay away.

It’s awesome

Wish the levels would get harder quicker but it’s still really fun 😊

Free hint giver doesn’t work

So each time I watch an ad for free hints, it doesn’t work! I seems like I watched it for nothing.......

I never right a review but I have a bit of a complaint

I really enjoy this game, some levels are challenging. However, I find it oddly unsatisfying because the rewards are only hints. I never use those hints. I think there would be more incentive to advance in level and not get bored if you can reward players with cosmetic items, maybe golden shiny roads as a swiping skin, or a rainbow road. Etc. Or maybe a little car as a leading marker. Idk, but hints are not a reward.

Challenging and addicting

This game is great but it is so hard at least for me I am stuck and I can’t watch any adds to get hints I’m on level 1-55 beginner if anyone can help plz let me know 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙂

Fun but too easy

This game was challenging at first but then I flew through the first 100 levels and realized the next bunch weren’t any more difficult at all. It needs to add more challenge— like much larger maps, timer etc. The way it is now, I can fly through each one in a few seconds. Too bad I paid $2.99 to remove the ads.

Good stuff.

Yeah, like, it's pretty good. There's a hell of a lot of puzzles to do. Advertisements get annoying so I'd say the game is worth $3.00 for sure, and the earlier on the better because you'll be watching an advert every 3 puzzles which you'll likely end up going through pretty quick. There's a few pleasant little tunes that cycle between levels so that helps to prevent getting sick of hearing it. Good job, even if the working title is a mouthful.


This game trash

Pretty fun BUT...

Since the last update, when you choose to watch a video to get a hint, it doesn’t give you the hint about 90% of the time. (and yes, I watch the video all the way to the end) PLEASE FIX!

Oh the ads!

Half my time spent with this app is staring at ads. It’s almost unplayable as a result.

Too easy

just the way everything is setup to begin with doesnt leave that much room for getting more difficult. not trying to brag but i don’t understand how this is challenging for anyone at all maybe children. havent used any of my hints i dont even know what hints theyd even give you without just completing it for you. on level 4 now so we’ll see :/

Excellent boredom resolver

I loved this game and wish there were more levels. The first about 2000 levels were quick to figure out the rest took me around 1-3 minutes to figure. I seriously hope more levels are to come...

They use the same levels over and over

I played this and after 50 levels in it got easier and easier not because of simplicity but because I’ve been playing the same 10 levels repeatedly


Game is okay, but the adds are constant. The bigger level is 100 puzzles, but I must have had 20-25 ADDS during that time.

yas queen

fun hehehe

This game is awesome !!!

This game is awesome and super fun to play highly recommend it!

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