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Very Fun and Addictive!! 🌸

I believe the game, “Fill” is an amazing way to train your brain!! I’d definitely recommend it to people with anxiety issues or just stress in general! The app is very soothing and calm! Personally I’d make the music a little bit more calm, but that just my opinion! :) The app is very addictive and fun to play! It does have quite a lot of advertisements, but you can always buy the, “Remove Ads” for $2.99 which makes the game a lot more fun! (Its still fun without it though!!) Overall I think the game is great! It trains your brain, calms you down, and it’s just fun in general!! I’d definitely recommend it to anyone!!


Fun and challenging!

Thank you

Thank you so much for making this game it is so much fun to play sorta changeling witch I really like and it’s so cool thank you. 👍🏼🙂😍🤩

Just fab


Excellent excellent excellent

In love this game as it makes my brain really think


❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ So hard its a great test of skill I love the idea!!!!!!!!!


Dope game and the best part is that it challenges me ✨✨‼️

Games a little easier then expected

For 13 or younger honestly got to level 40 in about 10 mins but exactly what it says it is and not to many ads for a free game

Love it

Quick ad skips. Lots of fun, challenge... Great for passing time. Won’t run yet on my 1970 IBM 5200 57 lb. lap top, but sure they’re working on a fix.

Fun, challenging, and SUPER addictive

This game is fun and I just got it and I’m enjoying it, and sometimes the puzzles are hard. Also if u guys make it past level 80 I’ll give u a shoutout on my musically (extreme_draw_grl) ok byeeeeeeee

Good game 🙂

The game gets really addicting and I like how it gives you extra hints!!!!!!!! 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍🙂🙂🙂

Really addictive (in a good way )

I love this game! It’s fun, brain teasing, and relaxing! Though I have one problem....ITS WAY TO EASY!!! I have gotten addicted to this game (and btw I’m 12) and I’ve only had it for 2 days! But one thing it’s way to easy. Now lots of people like easy games to seem dominant in at least one thing, me, I don’t this game needs more obstacles and maybe even trivia questions instead of ads for hints


Nothing but adddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddds but it is fun

Too many ads

The ads are too annoying I had to delete it they want three 2.99 to ransom you from those ads not worth it


This game is really fun

My review

It’s fun to play

Great puzzle game

An amazing game to pass time

Good game, Bad ads

The game is good and probably good for your brain, but the ads are terribly annoying and there are terribly too many of them.

Good brain exercise

So far so good. Haven’t played it long enough yet to be challenged. The constant very frequent pop ups are annoying though

I’m a genius lol!

Great way to warm up the brain

Love it , so addictive

This game has me up all night, it is so fun. I can’t stop !

Ads! So annoying

You get ads for the game even though you have the game




I really like this game, but the ads and the music are a bit annoying so I have to play on mute but I usually like listening to music while I play but the ad’s music goes over mine so I just don’t play music at all. Other than that it’s a really awesome game totally recommend.

Such a fun game

I love this game more than I love my own mother


Wonderful thinking game! Lots of fun😁




It’s a fun game if you are bored.

Great game

I really enjoy this game it is fun and challenging but the adds and music are both very annoying

Too easy

Writing this to unlock hopefully harder levels because it’s too easy and boring

Great game

I like the game and it is wastes time and I have too much time.thank you.

Fun and challenging

Definitely recommend to anyone who enjoys puzzle games like 2048, Word Cookies, Candy Crush, or Bubble Witch. Only downside is the bombardment of advertisements, but that’s an easy fix if you turn on airplane mode.

Such a Brilliant way of teaching our brains!

I rate this game 5 stars! I like how it gives your brain a tough time for a little bit until you find your way out to the next level , I also like how this game becomes harder and harder each level, keep up the good work you have created a WONDER game for our brains!


So fair so good.

It does what it says it does

Well I like it, but it's fantastically easy. I skipped to level three beginner to start out. And there seems to be no real challenge. By biggest qualm is as follows, there are only about 15 different puzzles for the whole level pack (i.e. Beginner 3) these have identical puzzles rotated. Or mirrored, or whatever. But at first I felt like I was taking crazy pills. Download, play it for a few hours and then stop and erase it. That's my advice


This game is sooooo addictive! I play everyday and I pass a lot of levels, but I do use a lot of hints but it is the best!! I really recommend you get this game, and if you do I bet you will get addicted to this game! Go and download!!💗

Great games



I think it’s a good app😂👍


This is a fun and relaxing game. If you’re looking for a huge challenging game, this isn’t it. It’s perfect for those wind down evening. Good job!


It’s good

Good game

Iss good :)

It’s iii

There is to much ads and it’s annoying but it’s not that bad

It s v good

It s v good. It makes your iq easily 250


Like this app a lot. Requires you to use logic and spatial perspective and is FUN.

Fun Game

This game is fun and challenging.

Super fun!

This is so good. I played this until my iPad died. It’s so great, and it’s not one of those stupid games that are to Easy. It’s hard but that is what makes it good!

Great Game !! 👍👍

I love this game! It’s so addictive! Great game to play when you’re bored!!

Should be called “the ad game”

I’ve NEVER seen so many ads for one game! Every 1-5 seconds there’s an ad! I mean, if it’s a good game, which this is, they should be ashamed to force this many ads onto their users just to get $2.99 from them. $.99 maybe. Sick! I removed this game instantly! Shame on these developers! I’d totally pay for this, if they weren’t begging for money by forcing these many ads!


I love it!!!!!

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